The origin of the Biscuits comes from little breads which were called «besquis» during the Middle Ages baked twice in very hot ovens. The benefit of the biscuits is that they can be kept more longer than cakes. In the XVth century, biscuits were distributed to sailors when sailing on oceans for long distances.Furthermore, a 200-year-old biscuit was sold at an auction in 2006 known has having belonged to a sailor on board of the HMS Victory in 1805 during the Battle of Trafalgar.


High standards

Biscuits were also famous and well appreciated by Marie-Antoinette when she was organizing cake garden-parties with her comtesses friends at the Little Trianon of the Château de Versailles during the reign of Louis XVI.  Also, according to the Letters of the Marquise de Sévigné, she wrote in 1671 that the Marquise de Sablé (de Souvre) had brought to the court of King Louis XIV, some small, round and dry biscuits that “Monsieur” the King's brother found very much tasty and had demanded to be served with such biscuits every morning afterwards for breakfast.


The same recipe

As of today most of our Biscuits de France have kept their traditional aspect and taste since several decades. Our French artisans are still baking biscuits with the traditional passion and quality. They use always the same basic ingredients (butter, eggs, flour and sugar) and still bake the biscuits in ovens over 200°C (392°F).


“Eat our biscuits, and let your feelings travel to France”

While enjoying several decades of travelling, discovering, meeting and sharing local food with incredible passionate foreign people in many countries all around the world, I have decided to make the same in return, by offering a direct access to the heart of my country, France, by enabling you and your loved ones to taste the traditional quality of the French Biscuits, which are carefully hand-made in our thirteen regions of France. In order to achieve this challenge, I have put all my energy, experiences, strengths and enthusiasm to create a French company dedicated to promote the excellence of our French local artisanal “grocery” products, for worldwide customers who are found of our country. Welcome to “Biscuits de France”, welcome to France.